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Nuria Val

Co-founder of ROWSE

Nuria is the Creative Director and co-founder of ROWSE.

As a creative director and photographer, her work explores nature in its purest forms — the Mars-like craters of Lanzarote in her native Spain, mossy lava fields of Iceland and lush forests of Sri Lanka. Constantly travelling and in awe of the planet, she feels passionately about sustainability. At ROWSE, Nuria drives the creative vision of the brand and inspires daily a growing and international community of plant lovers.

Town - Barcelona

Skin type - Combination

Favorite plant - Baobab

1. How would you describe your skin?
I have combination skin but sometimes I feel my skin gets dehydrated because of the flights and climate.

2. What’s your daily beauty routine?
I have a very simple routine that covers all my needs. I’m always running from place to place so I like to be ready very fast. First, I clean my face with one of ROWSE's botanical soaps, I use the same one for my body so I do it directly in the shower. After the shower, I spray some Neroli Water on my face to hydrate it. I apply the oil and use our Green Aventurine Facial Roller to make it penetrate deeper. I like to use it cold because it's great for puffy eyes and it feels so good. Then, I’m ready!

“Every morning I apply my hydrating routine with the Green Aventurine Roller and Gua Sha. It helps the skin to absorb oil's nutrients, it also reduces puffy eyes & dark circles

3. And when you travel?
I always have a travel beauty bag with my basics ready to go: Hydrating Routine for combination skin (Neroli Water & Hemp Oil). I also like to bring another oil for dry skin because I've noticed I need extra help for my face when I travel. I usually take an Avocado or Camelia Oil with me and I use it whenever my skin needs comfort.

4. What’s your vision of beauty?
I love to keep beauty as simple as it should be. I love being able to know about all the ingredients I use, and to think about the places they come from. Baobab for example is my favourite tree ever, it makes me so happy to be able to use for my wellness, and at the same time, to know that I'm supporting local producers in Senegal, where our Baobab Oil and Powder come from. Or the Matcha Power Mask which takes me straight back to my best memories of a trip to Japan 2 years ago.

5. How do you take care of your hair?
I have very thin hair. I love the Perfect Balance Shampoo Bar because it gives me volume and brightness. It works really well and since I started using it, I don't need to wash my hair every day anymore. I also use Hemp Oil as a serum, it helps me get a soft wavy effect that I love because it looks super natural.

6. What are your favourite ROWSE products and beauty recipes?
So hard to tell but if I must choose I’d say the Hydrating Routine for Combination skin, the Baobab Elixir Mask, the Matcha Power Mask, and the Green Aventurine Facial Roller.

“I have very thin hair. I love the Perfect Balance Shampoo Bar because it gives me volume and brightness”

Nurias's ROWSE routine essentials

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