Your day & night plant-based fundamentals in one complete set.

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From nature to your skin

New Sunscreen SPF30 made from plants and minerals.


Eye Contour Serum

A triple effect serum made with botanical extracts and rich in plant hyaluronic acid, to firm, decongest and revive the eye area.


Get your plant-based beauty routine,
for €99 €122
Make great skin your 2022 beauty manifesto with our signature 3-step routine including 5 beauty essentials.
Promotion valid until September 30th.
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Solid Shampoo Bars

Sustainably-sourced, vegan, organic and cruelty-free.


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The Four Seasons
of Faro Lacueva
How does nature help our wellbeing? How do seasons affect our mood? We speak with photographer Faro Lacueva about how taking good care of oneself could also help others and the planet.
Kaitlyn Reinhart
Cooking with plants in all its splendor
Chef-artist Kaitlyn Reinhart grew up playing in fields and forests in her native Canada. Fascinated for as long as she can remember by vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers and all the different flavors they had to offer, she found in cooking a way to express her love for nature, but also her personality and her creativity.
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