At Home with Paloma Gastelurrutia

Cardiovascular researcher


Paloma Gastelurrutia spent her childhood in San Sebastian, close to the Cantabrian Sea.

After many places, she ended up in Barcelona, close to the Mediterranean. She works as a cardiovascular researcher, but her creativity goes far beyond: she loves music, dance and all kind of coloured charts!

She is mother of two kids, one is 5 years old and the other 2 years old. She tries to enjoy life with them and teach them how to live connected to nature.

Town - Barcelona

Skin type - Dry

Favorite plant - Rosehip

1- How would you describe your skin?
My skin is thin and quite sensitive, with a big story of breakouts. I used to have combination skin but since my second child was born (or since I got older!) my skin is dry.

2- What’s your daily beauty routine?
At night, I clean my face with a micellar solution (if I have make up on, which is uncommon, I would use coconut oil first). Then I use a reusable pad with rose water to clean any rest of it. Then I apply an hydrating serum and with my skin still wet, I apply an oil. Lately I am combining Avocado and Camelia oil, but I also love Rosehip oil.
In the morning, it is just rose water, serum, oil and a mineral sunscreen.

3- And when you travel?
I have this travel bag with a small bottle of micellar water and another one of rose water. Then I just add the serum and oil combination I'm using at the moment and my sunscreen.

4- What’s your vision of beauty?
I work in science and I am very conscious of ingredients, so I love to check every label and I believe the less, the better. I'm also very connected to nature, and I try to look for products that are good to the environnent (conscious packaging, and avoid agressive detergents and microplastic scrubs).

5- How do you take care of your hair?
I decided to stop dying my hair 3 years ago. I have always been very simple with it, but colour was always present since I started having white hairs at the age of 18. To go from brunette to grey-haired I had it all bleached wich was very agressive, but I currently have my natural colour with blond ends. I use the Amalaki and curcuma shampoo bar and, to keep the colour bright, I use a blue shampoo in my ends twice a week. Then, I use white vinegar or a silicone-free conditioner.

6- What are your favourite ROWSE products and beauty recipes?
The rose water and the oils for sure! I used to love the body winter oil. Now, I have to try the summer one that looks fantastic.
I also have the Baobab powder, but I never find the moment to make a mask with the kids running around and having to work from home. Some nights I just mix it with my serum and leave it there the whole night! :)

Paloma's ROWSE routine

ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
Aceite corporal de Invierno
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1

Aceite corporal de Invierno