Made with love in a Mediterranean olive grove

Located in the Delta del Ebre area, an almost unspoilt Mediterranean landscape in the south of Tarragona, L'Oliveta is a magical place, a piece of land that invites you to slow down, be at one with nature and enjoy life's simple pleasures. It’s a retreat and an open space where to share and celebrate happiness and love, family and friends, nature, art, and beauty in all their forms. And it's also the garden where Nuria Val, our creative director, gives shape to ROWSE’s universe.

Our most personal collection is an invitation to renew body and mind. It includes a facial scrub, a body and hair scrub as well as a botanical soap and an aromatic candle. Inspired by the colours and scents of an idyllic Mediterranean garden, it features L'Oliveta olive oil as the star ingredient in all products, bringing its nourishing and antioxidant benefits to each formula.

Oliveta extra virgin olive oil

Oliveta Collection has been crafted using our own olive oil as the star ingredient. Our estate reflects the richness and love for the traditions of our land. Olives are organically grown and handpicked using artisanal methods, preserving all its nutrients to the fullest.


This oil, full of antioxidants and beneficial properties for the skin, is the heart of our collection. Each product is a celebration of nature and tradition, capturing the pure essence of our Mediterranean land.


Cream-gel face scrub made from olive seed powder and glycolic acid (AHA). It promotes cell renewal, smoothens the skin texture and provides a soft, and radiant appearance. Naturally scented with fig and basil, it contains virgin olive oil for deep hydration and rosemary hydrolate, rich in antioxidants, to unclog and minimize pores.



Body and scalp gel scrub made from olive seed powder. Ir removes impurities and dead cells, promotes cell renewal, smoothens the skin's texture, and provides a soft and more radiant appearance. Naturally scented with fig and basil, it is enriched with olive oil for deep hydration, shea butter for enhanced repair, and refreshing rosemary hydrolate for a smoother texture.



Made with virgin olive oil as its main ingredient, all-rich in antioxidants, it combines the repairing benefits of shea butter with the antibacterial properties of rosemary and the toning and revitalizing action of lemon essential oil.


With a citrus and herbal fragrance, this soap cleanses, purifies and regulates oil production while deeply nourishing, moisturizing, softening and repairing the skin. It also contains rosemary and thyme leaves to promote gentle exfoliation.



This naturally scented candle combines a fresh citrus and herbal fragrance with floral and warm notes. It contains verbena and citronella essential oils to purify and renew the environment, evoking the refreshing essence of a Mediterranean garden.


Handcrafted in Spain from 100% natural vegetable wax and pure botanical essential oils.