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David Gomez Maestre

Take in the great outdoors! To mark this year’s Earth Day, we’ve asked David Gómez Maestre, super talented photographer, plant lover and music collector to put together a playlist to celebrate the wonders of nature.

The result is an invitation to connect with your inner rhythms and immerse yourself in nature. An eclectic music mix designed to go for a hike or for a swim in a cold river. To walk, run, jump. To grow some vegetables or pick up some wild flowers. To climb a tree or simply lay down watching the clouds pass by. There’s a whole world of beauty to be explored. Celebrate it today, and every day.

Cap de Creus lunar landscape.

The giant egg sculptures in Dalí's house are a symbol of rebirth.

Anything tastes better when served with pa amb tomàquet.


On our way to make things better

Sustainability is at our core. We believe in a more conscious and respectful consumption, for people and the planet. In our small way, we want to give back to nature. And we want you to join us. For every Forest Body Balm purchase you will plant a tree. And you’ll get your certificate from our long-time partners Plant for the Planet, a non-profit organization run by kids to raise awareness about the climate crisis and take some action by reforesting the planet. Made from biodegradable paper embedded with celosia seeds, the certificate will grow into a beautiful plant when planted in soil and watered.

Help us to build a brighter future.