raw portraits

Irene de Klerk Wolters

After almost a decade living in Copenhagen, Dutch artist and painter Irene de Klerk has recently moved back to the Netherlands. She is now settling in with her family in a beautiful old house from 1903 not too far from the ocean, her endless source of inspiration. We speak with Irene about her painting practice, her day to day and her skincare habits. 

Antonella Tignanelli

Ever since she was a child, Antonella Tignanelli has been fascinated by food and how people gather around a table. Now, together with a group of artist friends, she creates food concepts and installations at Food Rituals, a series of celebrations to connect with our cultural heritage through the transmission of ancient rituals and beliefs.

Clara Infante

After spending most of her adult life in L.A, Clara Infante decided to made her way back to the city where she was born. Now based in the Garraf region, just south of Barcelona, she lives with her three kids and her partner in a house immersed in nature.

Alan Díaz

Alan Díaz is a self-taught photographer, and he’s also co-founder of Elida C, a contemporary jewellery brand inspired by classic literary characters and nature that he created along with his partner Marc Lago as a loving homage to his grandmother, who was a great jewellery collector.
Born in Barcelona, he’s always feeling homesick for Galicia, where his family comes from. Morriña is the right term, a word used by emigrant Galicians when talking about the motherland they left behind. 

Natalia Swarz

Natalia Swarz was born in Cali, Colombia, 27 years ago. Having been raised in a family with an artist mother and a floral designer grandmother, creativity came as something natural. After working for around 10 years in the fashion industry, back in 2015 she launched Hôtel Weekend, a beautifully curated site and shop exploring the contemporary culture of travel: voyage stories, hotel memories, insiders guides and photo diaries.
Always inspired by raw nature and seeking for authenticity and well-being, Natalia shares with us her favourite beauty rituals and ingredients.

Valeria Vasileva

Designer and creative director of , Valeria started experimenting with ceramics 10 years ago while working in the fashion industry. She was so mesmerized by the handmade process that she decided to launch her own brand, where she plays with pure geometric shapes, volumes and colours to create sculptural vases and functional objects in natural materials like ceramics, glass and wood.

Nuria Val

As a photographer & creative director, her work explores nature in its purest forms — the Mars-like craters of Lanzarote in her native Spain, mossy lava fields of Iceland and lush forests of Sri Lanka. Constantly travelling and in awe of the planet, she feels passionately about sustainability. At ROWSE, Nuria drives the creative vision of the brand and inspires daily a growing and international community of plant lovers.