A Balm for Your Senses

To be immersed in nature. To take the time to let the senses engage with the surroundings. To find the calm to appreciate the spider web under the sunlight, the dew on the flowers, the sound of the water chattering over rocks and how the smells change as one moves. Think of it. Here’s an invitation to let yourself go, breathe in, and reconnect with the essential.

This is the story of a transformative venture into the heart of the woods, as documented by creative director Dana Silva and photographer Miguel Triano, ROWSE’s long-time friends and regular contributors. A collection of memories from a time spent wandering among ancient trees and velvety mosses. An exploration of the smells, sounds, colours and textures that have inspired our latest product The Forest Body Balm, a skin-soothing formula created as a feast for your senses.

Forest Body Balm

Based on the benefits of plant-based butters, all-rich in antioxidants and remarkably effective in preventing skin dehydration, this balm nourishes, repairs, regenerates and boosts blood circulation.

50 ML200 ML

‘When I think about those days up in the mountains, the first thing that comes to my mind is the comforting smell of the dew in the early morning, the clean, fresh air on my face and the warm feeling of being one with nature.’

We invite you to discover the soothing benefits of nature through a journey across the verdant pastures of the small region of Valles Pasiegos, in Cantabria, northern Spain. A pristine landscape sprinkled with crystal-water streams and charming sleepy villages where the mountains touch the sky.

Take the time to massage your skin and let your senses transport you deep into the serene bliss of the forest—you’ll love its velvety texture and its revitalising woody and herbaceous fragrance.



On our way to make things better

Sustainability is at our core. We believe in a more conscious and respectful consumption, for people and the planet. In our small way, we want to give back to nature. And we want you to join us. For every Forest Body Balm purchase you will plant a tree. And you’ll get your certificate from our long-time partners Plant for the Planet, a non-profit organization run by kids to raise awareness about the climate crisis and take some action by reforesting the planet. Made from biodegradable paper embedded with celosia seeds, the certificate will grow into a beautiful plant when planted in soil and watered.

Help us to build a brighter future.