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Valeria Vasileva

Founder of Valeria Vasi

Valeria Vasileva was born in Moscow, has been living in Paris and is now based in Barcelona. Passionate about art and design since she can remember, after 10 years working in the fashion industry she started experimenting with ceramics. And she was mesmerized by the handmade
process of crafts. So much that she decided to launch her own brand, Valeria Vasi, where she plays with pure geometric shapes, volumes and colours to create sculptural vases and functional objects in natural materials like ceramics, glass and wood. Always searching for harmony and equilibrium, she has found in plant-based ingredients the perfect ally for her skin.

Town - Barcelona

Skin type - Congested

Favorite plant - Lily of the Valley

1. How would you describe your skin?
I have a congested skin so I try to avoid soap-based formulas that strip the skin’s natural protective barrier and stick to more gentle products.

2. What's your daily beauty routine? Is there any difference between morning and night?
Due to my skin type it’s vital for me to have a thorough cleansing routine and regular exfoliation. At night I do double cleansing with an oil cleanser to get rid of sunscreen or make-up followed by a soft milky cleanser. Then I use an alcohol-free and natural toner that helps to remove the dead skin. I do a gentle exfoliation twice a week and I finish with a light cream to nourish the skin. I think it is very important to follow a routine but overall to work from within to clear congested skin, that’s why I follow a healthy and balanced diet that I believe is the base of a healthy skin. 

3. Does it change when you travel?
I have my travel beauty bag with all my essentials but in addition to that, whenever I have a long flight I feel that my skin is very dehydrated, so I always carry a small mist spray to maintain hydration and moist during the flight.

4. And when you want to give yourself a special treat?
I go to see my favourite facialist, Mariona Vilanova who has magic hands and uses organic products. She works with a mix of different manual techniques and tools, it’s a whole holistic experience!

5. What's the most valuable beauty advice you've ever received?
The best advice is definitely to use natural ingredients. My mom is almost 60 now and her skin looks incredible. She always taught me natural recipes to have a healthy skin. I feel it is also important to approach the daily beauty routine as a ritual, to have time to ourselves with no rush. 

6. What's your vision of beauty?
Beauty should be as natural as possible. I believe it’s a combination of a balanced diet, exercise and using natural products adapted to your skin’s needs.

7. How do you take care of your hair?
To avoid frizz I use nourishing shampoo and conditioner and once a week, a hair mask. After the shower I apply a few drops of oil, usually Argan or Avocado, on my hair ends for extra hydration and a wavy effect.

8. What are your favourite ROWSE products?
One of my favourite products is the Winter Body Oil, I love the smell and how it deeply nourishes dry skin. I also like that it’s easily absorbed and doesn’t leave the skin sticky.

“One of my favourites is the
Winter Body Oil, I love
the smell and how it deeply
nourishes dry skin”

8. A sense of balance is always present in your designs. How important is the idea of
equilibrium to your daily life?
Balance is very important to me. I am interested in the shape itself, not so much the external aspect of whether it is decorative or not, but the relationship of the piece with the space that surrounds it. There has to be a balance between the void and the matter. And I suppose that it is reflected in my life and in my surroundings, I like to live in clean spaces where there is a certain harmony and lightness, where natural light is very important. During the creative process I can be quite chaotic though, I think it is also necessary.

9. What’s your secret for wellbeing and good living?
I would say that the most important thing is NO STRESS.

“I feel it is also important to
approach the daily beauty
routine as a ritual, to have time
to ourselves with no rush”

Valeria's ROWSE routine essentials

Winter Body Oil
Winter Body Oil
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
Winter Body Oil
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1

Winter Body Oil


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