Meet the women behind ROWSE

Nuria Val,
co-founder and creative director

Thanks to Nuria’s early modeling days, she has traveled the globe, picking up passport stamps in more than XX countries. It was during the off-duty moments, however, that Nuria discovered her true calling: photography. Armed with her 35mm camera, Nuria explores nature in its purest forms — from the Mars-like craters of Lanzarote in her native Spain to the mossy lava fields of Iceland to the lush forests of Sri Lanka.

Today, Nuria is an artist and creative director whose photography inspires a community of nearly 300K followers. Every photographer has a muse, and for Nuria — it’s nature. Her love of nature has not only manifested itself into a short film on banning plastics, but the creation of ROWSE, a line of skincare that reflects her awe and respect for the planet.

Gabriela Salord,
co-founder and CEO

Growing up with two sisters, Gabriela fondly recalls late-night chats sharing dating stories and, notably, beauty tips. Too young to go to the mall on her own, Gabriela turned the family kitchen into a beauty lab, mixing natural ingredients from her mother’s pantry to craft new skincare recipes — using her impressionable younger sisters as participants. Fast forward to today, Gabriela has co-founded ROWSE, a line of skincare made from clean and effective plant-based ingredients.

Gabriela’s path, like many entrepreneurs, to carving out your own identity and company hasn’t been as straightforward. She is a subscriber of the mantra: Keep moving until you find your true calling. Her pursuit of this mantra resulted in stints as CMO at Eutopia — a Paris/New York VC that focused on consumer startups — as well as managing PR at BlaBlaCar and marketing at Rocket Internet. She graduated from ESCP Europe and is fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.