ROWSE is a collection of pure plant-based skincare essentials, created with intention: To realise the beauty of people and the planet.

It was on a particularly grey Parisian afternoon in 2018 that Nuria Val and Gabriela Salord met for the first time. Over a cup of tea, they shared stories of beauty routines, clean living and environmental passion. Afternoon tea turned into drinks and then dinner. By the end of the night, they looked at each other and realised that they shared the same drive: The pursuit of the beauty of people and the planet. 

Inspired by personal values and a deep respect for the environment, Nuria and Gabriela co-founded ROWSE as a celebration of raw beauty. 

Having grown tired of seeing shelves filled with toxic products, Nuria and Gabriela focused on responsibly sourcing the most versatile ingredients to offer a more clean, planet- and human-friendly alternative. Through ROWSE, they offer plant-based formulas and recipes that are non-toxic, organic and cruelty-free. 

Today, ROWSE collaborates with a community of creatives around the world, dedicated to realising the beauty of people and our planet.

Our mission is to connect people to the planet through an intentional line of plant-based skincare; build and nurture a purpose-driven creative community; and develop meaningful dialogue about how we understand and interpret nature.  We make plant-based formulations and recipes that are non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free, and tested in independent laboratories.