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Alan Díaz

founder of Elida C

Alan Díaz is a self-taught photographer, and he’s also co-founder of Elida C, a contemporary jewellery brand inspired by classic literary characters and nature that he created along with his partner Marc Lago as a loving homage to his grandmother, who was a great jewellery collector.
Born in Barcelona, he’s always feeling homesick for Galicia, where his family comes from. Morriña is the right term, a word used by emigrant Galicians when talking about the motherland they left behind. 

Town - Barcelona

Skin type - Oily / Sensitive

Favorite plant - Eucalyptus

1. How would you describe your skin?
I used to have some spots and occasional redness and I always thought they were caused by shaving, but I’ve recently learned that I wasn’t applying the right products. My skin is really sensitive, many creams I’ve used in the past, even some from renowned brands that I associate with good results, have caused me some reactions, mostly mild but others have been more serious that have taken some months to disappear. Now I only use natural products and my skin is feeling much better.

2. What's your daily beauty routine? Is there any difference between morning and night?
The steps are basically the same, I only change some products. I start cleansing my face with a botanical soap, then a few spritz of Rosemary Water, its scent is so fresh, it reminds me of the Galician forests. For my morning routine I use the Jojoba Oil while at night time I use Avocado --it leaves my skin really hydrated and it shows when I wake up. 

3. Does it change when you travel?
I like to travel light and I have to leave space for my cameras and film rolls, so I take only my essentials: the travel-size Lavender Water and the Jojoba Oil cover all my needs.

4. And when you want to give yourself a special treat?
After a long work day I look forward to going back home and enjoying my favourite beauty ritual. I deeply cleanse my face, spritz some floral water, a few drops of Avocado Oil and I sit for a massage with my Black Obsidian Facial Roller. It’s a special moment to relax.

5. What's the most valuable beauty advice you've ever received?
Keep it simple. You don’t need a long list of products or ingredients, the most important thing is to find those that really suit your skin. It’s also important that you like the aroma and the texture so you don’t get tired of them.

6. What's your vision of beauty?
Less is always more. 

7. How do you take care of your hair and beard?
I cleanse my face and beard with the Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon soap, and I add a few drops of Jojoba Oil for extra hydration. For hair I use The Super Volume solid shampoo, I love the smell and my hair has never been healthier before.

8. What are your favourite ROWSE products?
That’s their very first blend, the Winter Body Oil. I love the smell, the texture, it’s a balm for my spirit, it’s almost like hugging a forest. I’ve recently purchased the Neroli & Ginger candle and it has a very refined scent that I love, even when it’s not burning.

I cleanse my face and beard with the Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon soap, and I add a few drops of Jojoba Oil for extra hydration

9. What’s your secret for wellbeing and good living?
It’s been a tough year but I guess I’ve learned that the most important is to slow down and enjoy simple things. Finding time for yourself to find inner peace and being surrounded by people who love you and bring positive vibes is essential. Nature is also fundamental. And I’m grateful for my walks through the forest, the morning mist, the winter scents and my camera.

10. What’s your favourite plant or flower?
I love the Eucalyptus. Its smell is so invigorating and calming at the same time, and it has a long history as a medical plant. I can’t ask for more.

Alan's ROWSE routine essentials

ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1
Aceite corporal de Invierno
ROWSE Body Oils Winter Body Oil1

Aceite corporal de Invierno


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