Dispensador para aceites corporales

Añade un dispensador a presión a tu aceite corporal para facilitar la aplicación y sacar sólo la cantidad de producto necesaria. Sin goteo y sin manchas. Y permite aplicar siempre la misma cantidad. Una aplicación más fácil significa más tiempo para ti. 

Gastos de envío

5€ o envío gratuito a partir de 70€

5€ o envío gratuito a partir de 50€

Reino Unido:
8€ o envío gratuito a partir de 70€

EE.UU. y Canadá:
18€ o envío gratuito a partir de 130€


Europa y Reino Unido: 1-3 días laborables
EE.UU. y Canadá: 3-5 días laborables

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not pleased with the summer oil scent

I don't like the smell of the Summer oil at all. It doesn't smell like what I imagined based on the description you give on the website.

caroline turner
Sublime body oil

Loved the winter oil so much I ordered the summer blend. I brought it to Greece with me and have put it on every morning pre sun snd every evening after showering ….utter delightful indulgence. Love the smell texture and feel on my skin. Hugely 10/10

Bruna Cattano
Face oil

I love all your products and I have purchased different items during the last month (body oil, solid shampoo , serum, face oil ecc ecc..)
They are all great but the only disappointment is about the face oil. After just a couple of weeks it started to smell like eggs and the dropper never worked. Could you explain me why? Is it possible it was defective?

Let me know

Kind regards


Helen Pettitt
Body oil

Love the smell and texture. The bottle and packaging were very nice and really lovely quality. Feels like a real treat to use and would buy again.

Chiara Ascani
When your voice is listen to

I bought the pump for body oil because it helps dispensing the right amount of oil you desire. The request for the pump was recurring quite consistently among the comments of the user's community and it was quickly receive by the ROWSE team.
The pump is reusable, so no need to buy a new one with every order and will work for every bottle of ROWSE body oil. Of course, it serves the purpose of allowing you to choose the desired amount to use.