Oily Skin - Daily Essentials
Oily Skin

Get a step closer to nature with our daily essentials set. Gently cleanse and clarify your skin with ROWSE's new botanical face cleansing and exfoliating bars. Tone and hydrate with a combination of organic floral water and plant oil to create a moisturizing emulsion where one ingredient enhances the benefits and effectiveness of the other.

This set is best suited for oily skin. It contains:

Rosemary & Spearmint Face Cleanser: made from oil balancing botanical extracts of Rosemary, Thyme and Green Tea, repairing Shea and Mango butters and purifying Green clay to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and rebalance oily skin.

Organic Rosemary Water: a slightly-scented hydrating mist distilled from the petals of the Mediterranean herb that purifies, rebalance and refreshes the skin. Botanical waters play an essential role in your daily routine rebalancing the pH of your skin after cleansing.

Jojoba Oil: a cold-pressed, non-comedogenic and 100% organic plant oil that repairs, protects and regulates sebum production.

Rosemary & Spearmint Face Cleanser
Organic Rosemary Water
Jojoba Oil - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed

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1. Cleanse - Wet your face, rub the cleansing bar directly onto your clean hands and massage gently on the face. Rinse with abundant water and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Topical use.

2. Tone - Spray the Floral Water all over your face to tone your skin and to restore pH and hydration balance and prepares the skin to best absorb other products.

3. Moisturize - Warm a 3 to 4 drops of oil in your palms and massage into damp skin until fully absorbed.

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