All Yours — Barcelona, Spain

Hoxton Hotel — Barcelona, Spain

Vasquiat — Barcelona, Spain (soon)

Casa Bonay — Barcelona, Spain

Farmacia Goya 19 — Madrid, Spain

WOW Concept — Madrid, Spain

LAMARCA WELL — Madrid, Spain

Oh my cream ! — France

Galleries Lafayette — Paris, France

The Frankie Shop — Paris, France

Le Printemps — Paris, France

The Odder Side — Paris, France

Maison ORSO — Rennes, France

Wasted Talent — Hossegor, France

Sessun Alma — Marseille, France

CLOSED — Germany

Hotel Paris — Berlin, Germany

The Odder Side — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Labelchic — Belgium


The Frankie Shop — New York, NY

The Real Real — New York, NY

The Real Real — San Francisco, CA

The Real Real — West Hollywood, CA

The Real Real — Atlanta, GA

The Real Real — Chicago, IL


Glasshouse — UK

L'Attribut d'Iris — Switzerland