Our story

It was on a particularly grey Parisian afternoon in 2018 that Nuria Val and Gabriela Salord met for the first time. Over a cup of tea, they shared stories of beauty routines, clean living and environmental passion. Afternoon tea turned into drinks, turned into dinner. By the end of the night, it became clear to them that they shared the same drive.

ROWSE was born from two converging perspectives for approaching nature. Nuria, a traveler and photographer, explored nature in its purest forms. Armed with her 35mm camera, she searched for the perfect light, shadows and textures in order to best capture and celebrate our planet’s many gifts. Gabriela, submerged in the fast paced world of business and finance, turned to nature to find respite and be inspired by the wisdom of plants.

Connected by their personal values and a deep respect for the environment, Nuria and Gabriela co-founded ROWSE as a celebration of raw beauty.

Briefly after starting this adventure, Lamia El Kadiri joined the team. Having worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry, she was finally able to follow a lifelong dream of fusing scientific knowledge with her love for plants and their properties. She is the brain behind ROWSE products and routines, in which she hopes you find more than a simple skincare routine.