ROWSE is on a mission to reconnect people to nature through the creative and therapeutic power of plants.

How it all started

It was on a particularly gray Parisian afternoon in 2018 when Nuria Val, a traveler and a photographer, and Gabriela Salord, a marketing expert in the cosmetic sector, met for the first time. They shared their love of plants and their perspective for approaching nature through beauty. By the end of the night, they had found a way to celebrate raw beauty. ROWSE was born.

Not long after that evening, Gabriela’s old friend Lamia El Kadiri, a pharmacist, joined the adventure to realize ROWSE’s ambitions, following a lifelong dream of fusing scientific knowledge with her love for plants and their properties.

Community driven

We are on a mission. To gather an ever-growing community of artists, creatives and plant-lovers from all over the world to realise, together, the beauty of all people, and the planet. Raw, clean, without artifice. Welcome to ROWSE.

For us beauty is

At ROWSE, we have reimagined the way we relate to nature to bring you a collection of plant-based essentials so you can effortlessly create your beauty routine. In the purest possible way. Regardless of your skin type, gender or age. For face, body and hair.


We only use nature's ingredients and try to transform them as little as possible. Organic, vegan and cruelty-free. We are advocates for traceability, working with partners who responsibly source and manufacture our ingredients, such as Hemp oil from France.


Inspired by a beauty without artifice, we encourage our community to discover more about nature and what it has to offer, consciously. ROWSE collaborates with a community of creatives around the world, dedicated to realizing the beauty of people and our planet.


We believe in conscious consumerism, and so, have stripped down complicated beauty routines to offer only the bare essentials for a healthy, glowing skin. Each product can be easily mixed and matched to seamlessly adapt your daily routine.


Born as a tribute to nature, ROWSE has sustainability at its core. We believe that respecting the planet and its people is an everlasting process towards the better. Therefore, our green ambition goes through perpetual changes and readjustments to become the most ethical and conscious beauty choice. We aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. For us, this means multiple things. Stretching far beyond labels and packaging, being sustainable is about making ethical decisions when facing the sourcing and manufacturing of our products, as well as a long-term commitment to give back to the planet we call home.

Manufactured in Spain

As gentle to the planet as ROWSE to your skin. We partner with small, independent laboratories based in Spain to manufacture its products using cold-pressed processes instead of heat or chemical solvents, frequently used in the beauty industry. Working at human-scale, in small batches, we are able to ensure traceability, as well as maximum freshness and quality. For our packaging, we favour glass over recycled plastic, and use recycled boxes for shipments. It’s not only an aesthetic issue, as they can be infinitely reused and recycled.

Clean ingredients

From nature to nature, from ROWSE to your skin. Our ingredients are raw, organic, vegan and sustainably sourced. Whenever possible, we prioritize local producers as a way to reduce our carbon footprint. We try to process ingredients as little as possible, using techniques that respect the environment. All our formulas are researched, tested and developed in our in-house laboratory, where our pharmacist, Lamia El Khadiri creates exclusive skincare blends.

Commitment to the planet

Less is more, and together is always better. ROWSE offers a product that enables better choices for the conscious consumer, but we want to give back to the planet in the long run. We currently collaborate with Plant for the Planet, a non-profit organization run by kids to raise awareness about the climate crisis and take action by reforesting the planet.