SPRING by Elliot Beaumont


Our friend and regular contributor Elliot Beaumont has set up spring surrounded by tulips and blackbirds. Based in Berlin, he spends these brighter days painting purple tulips and writing letters to his loved ones.

Dear Bunny,

The sun has finally started shining in Berlin.

The transition from winter to spring always feels a little bit like a magic trick where an ominous grey tablecloth has been pulled out, leaving everything shimmering on the table.

Every tree on my street has started blossoming and each one seems to be trying to out-perform its neighbour. Blackbirds rustle around in the leaves between tulips and little purple crocus on my morning run in Hasenheide.

We spend months looking forward to Spring and when it finally arrives it's strangely so hard to even remember the snow.

Once I see Asparagus begin to appear at the local market stalls I know it's time to begin planning some summer getaways.

Hope to see you soon.

All my best. Big Hug,