Out of the Kiln:
The Green Variations Collection

On my first trip to Lanzarote I met the ceramist Eguz Zerain, one of those magnetic people who have been attracted to the island forever. She arrived more than twenty years ago and made this landscape a place to experiment. I visited her studio in Teseguite, a town built on a sea of lava, and we haven’t stopped meeting up since. She taught me her way of working with clay—spontaneous, experimental, and intrinsically tied to the nature of matter. I have explored some of the most beautiful places on the island with her, and we have spent hours and hours talking about the details on a rock, or the nuances of a glaze fresh out the kiln.


Five years have passed since my first trip to Lanzarote, and ROWSE has now launched this collection of ceramics inspired by the island. Some beautiful things take time. In December 2020 I decided to return to the island for a few weeks. Eguzkine opened the doors of her home to me, she shared her studio with me, and between the two of us we shaped this series of unique pieces.


Photography by Nuria Val and Coke Bartrina