A walk through Dartmoor to start the year. An ancient land of ever-changing colours, apple tree orchards, wild ponies and granite tors, Dartmoor, in Devon, southwest England, is a mystical, rugged...

Nikki McClarron X ROWSE
Back to the moors

Photographer Nikki McClarron takes us to Dartmoor, in South Devon, England, to rediscover the landscape of her childhood. An ancient land of everchanging colours, mosses and granite tors where she first learned to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Dartmoor is a very special place for me. I spent a lot of time as a child walking there with my dad. It is an ancient land created from granite. An unusual rocky landscape scattered with tors, the remnants of molten lava from 280 million years ago.

The landscape feels rugged and mythical. With remains of prehistoric life, from Neolithic tombs to Bronze Age stone circles, you can perceive it has many stories to tell. Nowadays, it's a protected national park, a home to lichens, mosses and ferns. Wild horses and ponies roam freely on the moor – they often like to come to your car window to say hello and hope you might give them a snack.

What I love most is the ever-changing colours of the landscape through the seasons. In Autumn, when this series of photographs was taken, it is covered in heather and come sunset, an orange-pink hue covers the landscape. The light fades from the day while the vast sky is filled with a pastel gradient as the night falls in.





Words and photography by Nikki McClarron