We make beauty formulations for people that are committed to their bodies, their skin, the planet and what they have to pass on to next generations.

Cruelty Free

All you need for a beauty routine.

About us

ROWSE deconstructs traditional beauty formulations into plant-based raw ingredients, each suited for a specific need and concern –different skin types, different seasons– offering our community more than a product experience: a lifestyle to pursue.

Eye Contour Serum

A triple-effect day and night hydrating gel that depuffs, brightens and softens fine lines and dark circles. Sweep on and go.

Gift Quiz

We created a quiz so you can find the perfect plant-based gift for your loved ones, or for yourself!

The Greenhouse Blog

Thrilled to share our latest collaboration with one of our favourite brands: Levens Jewels. A colourful series of ceramic faces that you can use as a vanity tray to display both your skincare products and jewellery. 

ROWSE yoga x Paula Ayet

ROWSE Yoga is a space for yoga and creation involving spirituality, the body, aesthetics, and plants, curated by Paula Ayet.