Zoom Organic Neroli Water
Zoom Organic Neroli Water
Zoom Organic Neroli Water

Organic Neroli Water



A naturally-scented organic floral water that hydrates, tones and refreshes the skin. Suited to all skins.


What can Neroli water do for skin & overall health? 

Neroli is ideal for all skin types and very gentle on the sensitive ones.

1. Improves and maintains skin’s elasticity

2. Its regenerative properties reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

3. Heals small cuts and shrinks stretch marks

4. Moisturises and refreshes while leaving the skin delicately scented

5. Controls the oil production of the skin

6. Its anti-bacterial qualities, treats inflammations and soothes irritated, acne-prone skin

    How to use it?

    1. Moisturiser: First place your moisturiser on your palm, spray some Neroli floral water, mix and apply onto your face. 

    2. Body Mist: Spritz all over your body and face after having a shower for a refreshing aroma and skin toning benefit

    3. Make up remover: Spray a small amount of Neroli floral water on an organic cotton pad and gently remove your makeup

    4. Hair: Add 1 part Neroli floral water to three parts water. Make it your last hair rinse, or simply add it to your conditioner


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