Avocado is derived from the fruit of Persea Americana and is possibly originated in Central Mexico. Archaeologists have found evidence of its consumption thousands of years ago and it is believed that tribes like Inca and Maya grew their own avocado trees.

Avocados were spread from Mexico to other parts of America and it is said that it was Spanish who brought them to Europe. Today, they are cultivated both in tropical and Mediterranean climates and have become one of the most popular dishes eaten by million of people around the world.

Avocado oil derives from the cold-pressed flesh surrounding the pit. Its green color is attributed to the high levels of chlorophyll and carotenoid contained into the extract. It is an edible oil with a high smoke point, making it ideal for cooking and not only.

What can Avocado do for skin & overall health? 

Avocado oil appears to have a similar fat profile to that of olive oil; high in fatty acids can work wonders for the skin. More specifically, it contains three different types of fats; omega-6, omega-3 and omega-9 with the latter being the most prevalent.

1. Rich in oleic acid, avocado oil is believed to reduce the LDL cholesterol (‘’bad’’ cholesterol) and as a result decrease the risk for heart disease

2. The oleic acid contained in the oil soothes irritated skin, facilitates the healing process of skin wounds and reduces stretch marks

3. Due to the high levels of fatty acids, avocado oil can have regenerative and moisturizing effects for the skin. Hydrates the scalp, prevents dandruff and breakage

4. It does not clog the skin pores and it quickly penetrates the skin without leaving any residue

    How to use it?

    1. Face: Apply a few drops of oil directly to your face after cleansing it. You could also make your own facemask combining half avocado and a tablespoon of oil. Mash it until it becomes a paste, apply it to your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water

    2. Body: You may use it as a daily moisturizer for your body. Apply a fair amount of avocado oil on dry or normal skin. As a carrier oil, it can also be mixed with other vegetable oils, essential oils or water flowers

    3. Hair: Massage a small amount of oil into dry scalp, leave it until it is absorbed and then wash off with regular shampoo. You may apply it directly to ends to detangle your hair and enable smoother brushing